Drivers from 50 countries to gather at Cremona Circuit for the WSK Super Master Series

Published on Thursday, February 8, 2024

Drivers from 50 countries to gather at Cremona Circuit for the WSK Super Master Series

The second round of the WSK Super Master Series is set to kick off on the weekend of February 11th.

The second round of the WSK Super Master Series is ready to start at the Cremona Circuit with approximately 330 entered drivers from 50 nationalities. It is the third event of the WSK Promotion season and once again, it is a sold-out affair in the MINI, OK, OKJ, OKNJ, and KZ2 categories, following the excellent opening in Lonato for the WSK Champions Cup and the first round of the WSK Super Master Series.

The paddock of WSK races is, without a shadow of a doubt, mainly international in scope. A place where cultures and flags mix with each other and speak a common language: karting. The confirmation comes by looking at the rankings of the six classes of the Super Master Series, after the first round in Lonato del Garda.

In fact, the current leaders are from five different countries: Cristian Bertuca (KZ2) and Cristian Blandino (MINI Gr.3) representing Italy; the Ukrainian Oleksandr Bondarev is leading in the OK class; the Austrian Niklas Schaufler and the Romanian Bogdan Cosma Cristofor stand out, respectively, in OKJ and OKN-J; finally, Carl Nellegard, from Sweden, is the leader of the MINI Gr.3 U10 class.

Also in Cremona, we will have many talents from every corner of the globe on the track and the WSK Promotion team is proud to be able to give them all an important stage where they can show themselves off and, at the same time, train for their careers. Obviously, all this is only possible thanks to those who put their trust in our work: the teams, who grind thousands of kilometres during the year to take part in every event on the calendar, and, of course, the drivers, the many fans and supporters who follow the races with trepidation from the stands or via live streaming. Our thanks go to them for a wonderful second round of the championship!

The championship standings after round 1:

1st  Cristian Bertuca (ITA) (#1 BirelART Racing/BirelART-TM Kart-Vega) points 90
2nd Andrea Dalè (ITA) (#24 Dalè/CRG-TM Kart) points 44
3rd Alex Maragliano (ITA) (#32 Renda Motorsport/Sodi-TM Kart) points 39
4th Daniel Vasile (ROU) (#4 BirelART Racing/BirelART-TM Kart) points 36
5th Pedro Hiltbrand (ESP) (#16 BirelART Racing/BirelART-TM Kart) points 35.


1st Oleksandr Bondarev (UKR) (#201 Prema Racing/KR-Iame-LeCont) point 90
2nd Sebastiano Pavan (ITA) (#218 Tony Kart Racing Team/OTK-Vortex) points 69
3rd Salim Hanna (COL) (#208 Prema Racing/KR-Iame) points 41
4th Ean Eyckmans (BEL) (#209 BirelART Racing/TM Kart) points 37
5th David Cosma Cristofor (ROU) (#205 KR Motorsport/KR-Iame).

1st Niklas Schaufler (AUT) (#301 DPK Racing/KR-Iame-Vega) points 90
2nd Dries Van Langendonck (BEL) (#328 Forza Racing/Exprit-TM Kart) points 54
3rd Henry Domain (GBR) (#356 Energy Corse/Energy-TM Kart) points 39
4th Sebastian Lehtimaki (FIN) (#368 Tony Kart R.T./Tony Kart-Vortex) points 36
5th Iacopo Martinese (ITA) (#309 KR Motorsport/KTR-Iame) points 32.

1st Bogdan Cosma Cristofor (ROU) (#711 Forza Racing/Exprit-TM Kart-Vega) points 90
2nd Sara Matsui (JPN) (#708 KR Motorsport/KR-Iame) points 43
3rd Archie Lovatt (GBR) (#712 Forza Racing/Exprit-TM Kart) points 35
4th Kacper Rajpold (POL) (#722 MG Racing Team/Tony Kart-TM Kart) points 33
5th Valerio Viapiana (ITA) (#702 Team Driver/KR-Iame) points 30.

1st Cristian Blandino (ITA) (#550 Kalì-Kart/TGroup-TM Kart-Vega) points 76
2nd Daniel Miron Lorente (ESP) (#501 Team Driver/KR-Iame) points 70
3rd William Calleja (AUS) (#516 BabyRace/Parolin-Iame) points 50
4th Daniil Kutskov (#508 Team Driver/KR-Iame) points 34
5th Nikita Ljubomov (EST) (#552 Kalì Kart/TGroup-TM Kart) points 27.

MINI Gr.3 Under 10
1st Carl Nellegard (SWE) (#553 Ward Racing/Tony Kart-TM Kart-Vega) points 90
2nd Niccolò Perico (ITA) (#526 Energy Corse/Energy-TM Kart) points 69
3rd Blazej Kostrzewa (POL) (#521 BabyRace/Parolin-Iame) points 36
4th Lucas Palacio (USA) (#575 KR Motorsport/KR-Iame) points 34
5th Lorenzo Di Pietrantonio (#511 BabyRace/Parolin-Iame) points 32.


The program of the WSK Super Master Series, Rd2 Cremona Circuit
Friday, February 9th: free practice from 8:30; qualifying practice from 11:00; qualifying heats from 13:00.
Saturday, February 10th: warm-up at 8:00; qualifying heats from 9:50.
Sunday, February 11th: warm-up at 8:00; Live on TV and Live Streaming from 9:30 Prefinals and Finals from 12:35 (12:35 KZ2, 13:05 MINI U10, 14:00 MINI GR.3, 14:30 OKJ; 15:00 OK; 15:30 OKNJ).


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