Rain battle at DKM mid-season round in Wackersdorf

Published on Monday, August 28, 2023

Rain battle at DKM mid-season round in Wackersdorf

132 participants start at Pro Kart Raceland

After a long break, the engines roared again in the German Kart Championship at the weekend. At the Pro Kart Raceland in Wackersdorf, 132 drivers competed in four classes. In addition to the three categories DSKM, DJKM and DSKC, the junior racers of the Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting were also present again.

Twelve weeks ago, the last race of the DKM took place in Genk in midsummer temperatures. It was now on to the halfway stage in Wackersdorf and the conditions could hardly have been more challenging. Rain set in from Saturday afternoon and did not let up throughout Sunday. Arjen Kräling (DJKM), Linus Hensen and Niels Tröger (DSKC), as well as Stan Pex (DSKM) proved to be the most skilled and took the wins for themselves. The youngsters of the Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting were back for the third event. After Mülsen, Lenn Abbas secured the victory for the second time.


DJKM: Guest driver Arjen Kräling wins twice - title fight remains exciting

Already in qualifying, guest driver Arjen Kräling (Nees Racing) showed his ambitions by taking his very first pole position. In the course of the heats, he briefly dropped back to seventh place, but then made a remarkable start in the first final and was in second place after just a few meters. In the 17 race laps he stayed in the slipstream of the leader Marc Gerstenkorn (TB Racing Team) and only made the decisive attack for victory in the last moments. In the second heat, the driver from the Sauerland was then unstoppable and celebrated a double victory, "I didn't expect to win both races, especially because I had to start from seventh in the first race - all the nicer now," he summed up his performance in the DJKM.

Podium DJKM Race 1

In the second final, Phil Colin Strenge (ADAC Württemberg e.V.) took the chasing role and therefore keeps the title fight exciting. He and the leader Gerstenkorn are separated by only two points at the halfway mark. The chasers, on the other hand, experienced a divided weekend. The Czech David Gorcica (Forza Racing) finished both races in the top five. Cemil Bayyati (Lanari Racing Team) had to accept a retirement in the first race and then fought his way forward from tenth to third in the next. Luke Kornder (SIM-ON) had double bad luck: a ten-second penalty and a retirement prevented a big score after ranking at the top following the heats.

Podium DJKM Race 2

Championship standings DJKM after 6 of 10 rounds:
1. Marc Gerstenkorn (158 points)
2. Phil Colin Strenge (156 points)
3. Cemil Bayyati (134 points)
4. David Gorcica (125 points)
5. Luke Kornder (99 points)


DSKC: Linus Hensen and Niels Tröger share wins

With 54 participants, the field of the DMSB Shifter Kart Cup was filled to capacity. Many drivers and teams used the races to prepare for the World Karting Championship, which will take place at the same venue in a fortnight's time. However, there were familiar faces at the top: Niels Tröger (Maranello SRP Factory Team) led the classification on Saturday. In the first final, however, he lost his top spot to Linus Hensen (Mach1 Motorsport - Kartschmie.de), who set the pace on a wet track. Tröger closed the gap again towards the end, but failed to regain his position. "After my lost victory in Genk, it's great to have been successful now. In the championship I will attack until the end and try to keep the fight open," Hensen said happily. Behind the duo, Juliano Holzem (CPB Sport), Thomas Rackl (Maranello SRP Factory Team) and Simon Billmann (KH Racing Team) completed the top five.

Podium DSKC Race 1

In the second final, Tröger turned the tables and took his second win of the season. Hensen and Holzem took the chasing role this time. In fourth place, Gianni Andrisani (Mach1 Motorsport - Kartschmie.de) ensured a successful finish for the only German kart manufacturer Mach1 Kart. Rackl jumped into the cup ranks again in fifth place. Winner Tröger was in high spirits in the final interview and already ventured a glimpse of the upcoming World Championship: "I am very happy with the result. Up to now I always had problems in the rain, but we have found something in the setup and are on a par. That's great, also in view of the World Championship in a fortnight."

Podium DSKC Race 2

DSKC championship standings after 6 of 10 rounds:
1. Niels Tröger (166 points)
2. Linus Hensen (112 points)
3. Juliano Holzem (107 points)
4. Thomas Rackl (104 points)
5. Tom Adams (73 points)


DSKM: Double win and half-time title for Stan Pex

Double win and half-time title for Stan Pex

44 drivers competed in the top KZ2 class and once again delivered karting at the highest level. On Saturday, someone new, Lenny Ried (Lanari Racing Team), was at the top. The youngster was fastest in his qualifying group and relegated pole-sitter Daniel Stell (Dörr Motorsport) to second place during the heats. On a wet track, however, it was Stan Pex's (SP Motorsport) hour on Sunday. In the first final, he fought his way straight to the front and brought home a safe victory. His brother Jorrit finished second ahead of Alexander Schmitz (Team Kartstore.de), Tim Tröger (Maranello SRP Factory Team) and Ried.

Podium DSKM Race 1

It was a similar picture in the second race: again, Stan Pex drove away and secured himself a clear cushion in the overall standings with another victory. "I always feel good in such conditions and I am happy to have had the speed. It was important for the championship, but for me every race is like a single event that I want to win," he said in the interview afterwards. Second place this time went to Tröger ahead of Jorrit Pex, Laurens van Hoepen (CRG Holland) and Kris Haanen (SP Motorsport).

Podium DSKM Race 2

DSKM championship standings after 6 of 10 rounds:
1. Stan Pex (157 points)
2. Jorrit Pex (102 points)
3. Tim Tröger (96 points)
4. David Trefilov (72 points)
5. Daniel Vasile (70 points)


Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting: Second victory for Lenn Abbas

The Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting's junior racers were again represented in the supporting program. 22 youngsters shaped the races with gripping wheel-to-wheel duels. On a wet and dry track, they demonstrated a high level of driving skill. After two heats and a pre-final, Constantin Papst (Nees Racing) started the final from pole position.

Mini Pre-Finale Winner Constantin Papst

Early on, however, Lenn Abbas (Rodopi racing Academy) took the reins coming from eleventh on the grid and celebrated his second victory in the Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting after 15 race laps. He had already been successful at the season opener in Mülsen. "I took advantage of a mistake made by my rival and then took the lead. I extended it and am happy about the success," Abbas beamed with the winner's trophy in his hand. Behind him, there was a tough fight for second place in the race. A quartet changed ranks several times until the chequered flag. At the line, Jindrich Svoboda (Sumako IPK Racing) from the Czech Republic was second ahead of Carlos Nees (Nees Racing), Lukas Übleis (Lanari Racing Team) and Papst. However, Nees received a time penalty afterwards and was only ninth, so Bruno Xaver Planz moved up into the top five.


Second half of the season in Kerpen and Franciacorta (Italy)

In four weeks, the DKM will continue at the traditional Erftlandring in Kerpen. In addition to the DMSB categories, the Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting will be represented again. The season finale will then take place at the end of October in Franciacorta, Italy, where the Mini will also be present. For the first time, the DKM will be a guest on the track. Interested drivers and teams still can register as guest drivers for both races.

Stay tuned for more exciting DKM action as the championship calendar unfolds:
21.04.-23.04.2023 - Mülsen incl. Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting
26.05.-28.05.2023 - Genk (Belgium) incl. Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting
25.08.-27.08.2023 - Wackersdorf incl. Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting
22.09.-24.09.2023 - Kerpen incl. Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting
27.10.-29.10.2023 - Franciacorta (Italy) incl. Mini 60 Series by Chrono Karting

For more information and registration, visit www.kart-dm.de.


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