LeCont gains ground at all levels

Published on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

LeCont gains ground at all levels

A quick overview of the international karting landscape confirms the progress of LeCont tyres around the world. Over time, the quality of LeCont products has become more and more important in racing, especially as the Italian brand has always placed great importance on its relationship with its customers.

In 2020, LeCont will be a major player in the OK and OK-Junior categories after winning the CIK-FIA tenders for the FIA Karting World and European Championships - OK, as well as the FIA Karting European Championship - Junior. This recognition allows it to build its reputation and to equip several other major series, to the great satisfaction of the competitors.

Therefore, OK-Junior drivers in the Winter Cup and the Champions of the Future by RGMMC series will have the chance to use LeCont tyres. In OK, Champions of the Future and the WSK Euro Series will also use LeCont, as will the French and British Championships.


Strong position in Europe

LeCont has already had the opportunity to demonstrate its expertise in the gearbox categories and this year will be supplying the Italian KZN (National) Championship and the British KZ2 Championship.

LeCont's European presence enables it to supply tyres in all categories in Norway and in Spain for the Castilla y Léon, Murcia and Galicia Championships. Several classes have chosen LeCont in Sweden, as has the Bambino class in the UK.


Conquering the new world

LeCont is also used to crossing the Atlantic successfully. The brand from Rovereto is in fact used in every category in the American GearUp F-Series, F-Series State Championship, ICP Championships, SUMAS, FKC, ...

To achieve this highly encouraging breakthrough, LeCont has spared no effort. The Italian brand's experience has enabled it to develop tyres that are both high-performance and durable, while the manufacturing process and controls offer solid guarantees of production consistency, an essential element in competition.

Sergio and Valter Cont, the founders of LeCont, share the same vision of their tyre business: "For us, being able to establish ourselves in new markets is a reward for our high standards and hard work. We have a passion for quality, which is how we operate in a highly competitive environment, taking into account the satisfaction of drivers, organisers and federations. Our constant search for innovation often allows us to be one step ahead and that's what motivates us."


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