IAME Euro Series: Driver informaiton round 1 Mariembourg / Belgium

Published on Friday, March 6, 2020

IAME Euro Series: Driver informaiton round 1 Mariembourg / Belgium

We look forward to welcoming you all to the first round of the official IAME European series in Mariembourg, Belgium.  With over 150 drivers already registered in 3 classes from around the world, we are looking forward to some spectacular and nail-biting races.  Thierry Lepinne and his team from Karting des Fagnes will be on hand to assist us and we look forward to working together with them.
Just a few important notes we ask you to take the time to read.  This will help you, especially those new to the RGMMC events to enjoy the event.  

  • Track will be open for free practice from 20 March to 22 March inclusively.  Those of you that require practice tires for this please contact Thierry Lepinne directly on info@eurokarting.be
  • Those of you leaving your awnings/equipment on track until the following weekend of the race please check with Thierry first for paddock parking before erecting any awnings.  If you do without permission you may be asked to remove them.
  • The track will be closed for race preparation 23rd, 24th & 25th March.
  • Paddock gates open 09.00 on Wednesday 25th March.  A member of the RGMMC Team will be available to assist with paddock parking.  If you have any special requirements please advise and we will do our best to assist you.
  • The RGMMC Race Office will be situated in the main building and will open Wednesday 25th March from 09.00.  Those of you already on track we strongly recommend that you complete your sporting checks during this day to avoid queuing on Thursday.  
  • To complete these sporting checks you will need the following documentation :
  1. Valid, signed minimum International C Driver License
  2. Valid, signed International Entrant License – this can be either a parent or team.
  3. Driver’s from the following countries will also require a Start Permission Letter from their ASN giving them permission to take part in this International event.  SRI LANKA, JAPAN, UAE, UKRAINE & GREECE
  4. PLEASE NOTE !!  only the original licenses will be accepted.
  5. Mini Drivers – will need an EU/National A license with a letter from their ASN giving you permission to take part. Check the back of your license as some have this permission already printed.
  6. Those drivers that have outstanding payments for Driver Packs or practice tires these payments will be taken at sporting checks either in Cash or Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) accepted.
  • No drivers are allowed on track until these sporting checks have been completed satisfactorily. 
  • First official practise starts on Thursday 26th at 09.00 – timetable will be available shortly on the website.  All drivers much show their official race numbers.  It is the responsibility of the driver to provide these numbers and must comply to the FIA regulations.
  • Once sporting checks have been completed you will receive a Driver Pack containing all passes and documentation needed.  Please ensure you wear your passes at all times, failure to do so could result in you being denied access in certain areas.
  • Transponders – yellow MyLaps or Black X2.  RGMMC do carry a stock of these should you need to rent one.  If you do, please advise prior to the event.  Cost 50€ per weekend.
  • Unilogger Clutch Control System.  All RGMMC events run with this system.  It is the responsibility of the driver to provide the cables, RGMMC will provide the Unilogger.   Complete kits are available for purchase in the RGMMC Race Office.  190 € per kit. Junior & Senior classes only.
  • RACE WET TIRES – RGMMC will ensure that each driver has at their disposal 2 sets of race wets.  These wet race tire vouchers can be purchased in the RGMMC Race Office at any time should they be necessary.  Payment in cash of 200 € per set will be deposited by us.  If you return the voucher we will give you a full cash refund.  If you pay by credit card we cannot give you a refund.  Vouchers cannot be carried over to another race.
  • Fire Extinguishers – all drivers must be in possession of a minimum 5 kg fire extinguisher suitable for oil/petrol fires.  
  • Nominated fuel station – the fuel must be purchased from the nominated fuel station.  The tanks to be used will be clearly marked with an IAME sticker. 
  • OIL – you can now use whichever oil you prefer as long as it is CIK/FIA homologated.  Wladoil will no longer be given at sporting checks.  However, those drivers that have pre-ordered this with us we will make this available to you. 
  • COMMENTATOR SHEETS – inside each Driver Pack you will find a commentary sheet.  Take your time to complete this with as much information about yourself, team, sponsors etc.  The more you write the more our Series Commentator Jake Sanson can promote you our 1000’s of viewers.
  • MEDIA – should you be approached by our media team for interview or photocall please ensure you are appropriately dressed at all times in race suit with helmet and report on time to the designated place.
  • PODIUM – those drivers who achieve a podium position please ensure you attend in race suit with helmet on time. 

Remember this year we will also be giving a “Driver of the Day” award.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any  further assistance or information on info@x30euro.com or lynn@rgmmc.com


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