Green lights on the WSK Euro Series for the spectacle in Franciacorta

Published on Friday, June 28, 2024

Green lights on the WSK Euro Series for the spectacle in Franciacorta

The first qualifying heats named the first candidate to the victory after qualifying practice. The final heats will take place on Saturday, June 29th, while the final stages will be on Sunday, June 30th with prefinals and finals.

After the morning qualifying sessions, which highlighted the first key players among the 245 drivers from 48 nationalities present at this opening round of the WSK Euro Series at the Franciacorta Karting Track, the green light was given for the first qualifying heats in the MINI, OKNJ, OKN, OKJ, and OK categories.

The program for this first round of the WSK Euro Series at Franciacorta continues on Saturday with the concluding heats, and will then end on Sunday, June 30th, with the final phase. This will be broadcast live via TV Live Streaming, with the Prefinals starting at 9:30 and the Finals starting at 13:20.


OK-N Junior – The victory in the initial heats goes to Van Staveren and Pizzonia.

The Dutch driver Billy Van Staveren (#734 Modena Kart/Parolin-TM Kart) responded to the pole position claimed by the Slovakian driver Alex Molota's pole position (#702 Firefly Racing/Gillard-TM Kart-Vega) securing victory in the first heat A-B, finishing ahead of Molota and Mark Pilipenko (#701 Fusion Motorsport/KR-Iame). In the heat C-D, the Brazilian Neto Antonio Pizzonia (#738 Team Driver/KR-Iame), follows his father’s footsteps winning in a close finish against the Bulgarian Lyuboslav Ruykov (#729 Zanchi Motorsport/Tony Kart-TM Kart) and the Polish driver Adam Bryla (#722 CMT/Tony Kart-TM Kart).


OK-N - Marchesi wins the first heat.

The Italian driver Nicolas Marchesi (#809 Team Driver/KR-Iame-Vega) won the first heat of the OK-N category, finishing ahead of the two Polish drivers Juliusz Ociepa (#805 Novalux/Lenzokart-LKE) and Maksymilian Rafalik (#802 KRZ Motorsport/KR-TM Kart), who had secured pole position in qualifying. The other top positions were claimed by another Italian, Lamberto Ferrari (#806 FK Motorsport/IPK-TM Kart), and Turkish driver Bati Ege Yildirim (#804 Modena Kart/Parolin-TM Kart), maintaining the same order as in the qualifying sessions.


OKJ - Kamyab and Hoogendoorn are the two winners.

The English driver Roman Kamyab (#Ricky Flynn/LN Kart-TM Kart-Vega) confirmed his winning form in the first heat A-B, finishing ahead of the Austrian Niklas Schaufler (#301 DPK Racing/KR-Iame) and Englishman Jarrett Clark (#332 Forza Racing/Exprit-TM Kart). In heat C-D, the Dutch driver Dean Hoogendoorn (#314 AKM Motorsport/KR-Iame) made a comeback to secure victory, with the American Devin Walz (#335 Forza Racing/Exprit-TM Kart) in second place and Englishman Henry Domain (#350 Energy Corse/Energy-TM Kart) in third.


OK – The victory of the two heats goes to Lindblom and Cosma-Cristofor.

After securing pole position in qualifying, the Swedish driver Scott Lindblom (#221 Fusion Motorsport/KR-Iame-LeCont) also won the first heat, finishing ahead of the Italian Ludovico Busso (#230 BirelART Racing/BirelART-TM Kart) and Frenchman Andy Consani (#243 Sodikart/Sodikart-TM Kart), while the Belgian Kai Rillaerts (#242 Sodikart/Sodikart-TM Kart) ended up towards the back of the field after a strong performance in qualifying. In heat C-D, the Romanian David Cosma-Cristofor (#201 KR Motorsport/KR-Iame) claimed victory, followed by the Lithuanian Markas Silkunas (#214 CRG Racing Team/CRG-Iame) and Belgian Ean Eyckmans (#239 BirelART Racing/BirelART-TM Kart).  


MINI GR.3 UNDER 10 - Robertson wins the first heat, Perico the second.

The Scottish driver Mason Robertson (#508 BabyRace/Parolin-Iame-Vega) secured victory in heat A-B after achieving pole position in qualifying, winning ahead of the Italian David Moscardi (#550 Team Driver/KR-Iame) and Stepan Mazepin (#517 SM Racing/OTK-TM Kart). In heat C-D, the Italian Niccolò Perico (#Energy Corse/Energy-TM Kart) stood out, winning in a close finish against the Georgian Leon Chelide (#459 Team Driver/KR-Iame) and another Italian, Antonio Ianni (#557 CRG Racing Team/TGroup-TM Kart).


MINI GR.3 - Diaz De La Vega and Girardello share the victories.

The heats began restoring order to the category rankings after the disappointing qualifying results, where as many as 15 drivers in Session-1 were without a time because they could not complete even a single lap due to entering the track late. In the first heat A-B, the victory went to the Mexican Santiago Diaz De La Vega (#512 BabyRace/Parolin-Iame-Vega), ahead of the Session-2 poleman, the Spanish driver Daniel Miron Lorente (#552 Team Driver/KR-Iame), and the Bulgarian Alexander Lazarus (#515 BabyRace/Parolin-Iame). In heat C-D, the winner was the Italian Gioele Girardello (#574 Parolin Motorsport/Parolin-TM Kart), followed by the American Lucas Palacio (#520 KR Motorsport/KR-Iame) and Daniil Kutskov (#553 Team Driver/KR-Iame).   

The program of the WSK Euro Series, Rd1 Franciacorta:
Saturday, June 29th: Warm up from 8:30; Qualifying heats from 10:50.
Sunday, June 30th: Warm up from 8:00; Prefinals from 9:30, Finals from 13:20 covered live on TV and through the Live Streaming.


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