SODI KidRacer budding racing driver

Published on Saturday, September 29, 2018

SODI KidRacer budding racing driver

The new kart for kids designed by Sodikart - the SODI KidRacer - lets children pretend to be a racing driver or drive like mum or dad, before they can even ride a bike! Behind the wheel of a real 100% electric, non-polluting kart, budding drivers from 3 to 6 years old can now race their friends too or learn basic driving skills, just like a grown-up!
Designed and developed by engineers at Sodikart (a world leader in the karting industry), the KidRacer had to be safe, easy to handle and fun for budding young drivers. With its short wheelbase and small turning radius, the KidRacer is very easy to manoeuvre and drive: perfect for a fun, enjoyable first driving experience. 

Since safety is a priority for Sodikart, the KidRacer is fitted with a “PROLINE®” protection system on “OMEGA” profile structures that absorb shocks: our youngsters can enjoy driving in complete safety. In addition, the KidRacer is designed for 1 child and 1 adult so parents can accompany their kids to help them drive.

The KidRacer has an electric motor developed and configured to offer linear, comfortable acceleration to reassure young drivers. Its automatic brake (triggered whenever the foot is lifted off the accelerator) means even the youngest drivers can easily understand how to stop the kart (an emergency stop button is also accessible to accompanying parents if needed). 

In terms of autonomy, the onboard batteries have a high storage capacity, sufficient to power a kart for a whole day, without having to plug it in again to recharge.

In terms of practicality, the KidRacer is fitted with a token mechanism and an easily configurable control unit. The operator can easily configure and modify the session duration, the speed, the sound effects, etc. Therefore the KidRacer is fully autonomous (with no need for a person dedicated to this activity) and adaptable to your requirements.

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Author: Bas Kaligis

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