Rok Cup Superfinal 2019. Today the first heats

Published on Friday, October 11, 2019

Rok Cup Superfinal 2019. Today the first heats

The sun is shining on the opening day of the 2019 Rok Superfinal. The 419 registered drivers got on track to get serious today, racing the qualifying practises and the first heats. In pole positions Federici (Junior), Sorensen (Mini), Bosco (Shifter), Gaglianò (Senior), Day (Super), Prokscha (Expert) and Baselli (Expert Plus).

The American Sorensen conquers the pole position by a hair’s breadth on the Russian Kutskov and Tarnnvanich. In the heats, there is a big brawl and the Russian Matveev, the Jamaican Powell and the Polish Gladysz gain the victory in the S1 series. The challenge in the S2 series is won by the Russian Orlov, Garzon (Colombia) and the South African Roos.

Since the qualifying, it is clear that the gaps dividing the Rokkers will be minimal and those who will make less mistakes will win the race, considering the wide range of pretenders to the Superfinal title.

The pole was conquered by Federici (Ita) who got the better of it by a hair’s breadth on Ragone (Ita) and Iancu (Rou). Also, the first heats were very intense with Ragone (A-B) (B-E) and Rinicella (C-D and D-F) winners of two heats, while one victory each went to Simonini (E-F) and Mazzola (A-C).

In the two qualifying groups, Gaglianò definitely stood out, centering a best lap (48.585) and overtaking Comanducci and the Swiss Tanja Müller. In the heats, an exciting fight between Gaglianò and Comanducci started, with the first one successful. In the second heat, the lady Tanja Müller brilliantly stood out.

Prokscha (Germany) and Stadnik (Poland) face each other during the first heat, at the end, it is the Polish driver who wins among the Expert. In the Expert Plus, Baselli leads the fist heat springing forward from the pole position.

The poleman Day loses the first heat, being overcome by Martucci and Cicognini, after the first group got decimated during the first lap, after a multiple crash.

Bosco centers the pole and wins his heat (A-B) preceding a very good Fusco. The second heat (C-D) is conquered by Squaranti, who has to face the fighting American Mayers and the current champion Zemin.


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