Italian F.4 Championship powered by Abarth Monza race 3: Stratospheric Delli Guanti

Published on Sunday, October 18, 2020

Italian F.4 Championship powered by Abarth Monza race 3: Stratospheric Delli Guanti

The BVM Technorace driver wins his first race in F4 with a crazy tenacity and a smoking engine at the last corner and emotions throughout the race. What a show the Italian F4. Also in race 3 the change in front of the command is continuous. Minì starts well from pole and immediately stretches, while behind Rosso shoots very well and finishes second. Pizzi is also spectacular and in a few curves from sixth place he passes third, overcoming Fornaroli in the last overtake.

Beautiful overtaking with a feint of Rosso on Minì, who loses the first position in favor of the Cram Motorsport driver. Minì takes advantage of the slipstream on the straight and passes Rosso who then makes a bad mistake and hits the Sicilian; they are both out. Pizzi takes advantage of it and passes first, followed by Fornaroli, then Delli Guanti, Montoya, Patterson and Ramos. In the meantime, Delli Guanti is very fast and overtakes Fornaroli.

Axel Gnos makes a mistake, goes off the track and gets stuck. The safety car enters. The battle continues with Pizzi, Delli Guanti, Bortoleto, Fornaroli and Montoya. The BVM Technorace driver then conquers the leadership on Pizzi and resists several laps until the end.

A stratospheric Pietro Delli Guanti with a smoking engine in the last passage on the parabolic wins his first race in F4. Behind Bortoleto, great Fornaroli, Pizzi, Ramos, Montoya, Beganovic, Ugran, an excellent Hamda Al Quabaisi, ninth, and Jesse Salmenauto closes the positions in the points.

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