Exciting duels at the DEKM in Kerpen, DTM-Star on the podium

Published on Thursday, July 18, 2019

Exciting duels at the DEKM in Kerpen, DTM-Star on the podium

The participants of the German Electric Kart Championship had to wait nine weeks for the next races. Last weekend (July 12th – 14th), the next event took place in Kerpen and numerous spectators got to see thrilling kart racing on the Erftlandring. The international field of participants fought thrilling duels. Guest driver and DTM driver Ferdinand Habsburg stood on the third place of the podium on Sunday.

Just like at the DEKM kick-off in Wackersdorf, the weather played an important role this time again. On Saturday, it was alternately sunny and rainy, which made choosing the right tires a tough one. The changing conditions pushed the field even more close together.

The field was internationally manned with drivers from eight countries. All of them had to drive qualifying, a pre-final and a final race on Saturday and Sunday. The unified Rotax THUNDeR E-karts made for equal chances, which led to thrilling duels during the races, which only ended at the finish line.


Double final victory for Luka Wlömer

British Bradley Barrett was the fastest driver of Saturday’s qualifying and achieved pole position. The following pre-final was shaped by narrow duels at the front. Championship leader Luka Wlömer came out on top in the end in front of Joel Sturm and Jasin Ferati.

Kick-off winner Wlömer managed to drive away from the field during the final race and entered the last lap with a considerable advance. His direct pursuer Joel Sturm came close on the last meters of the 1.107m, but wasn’t able to take over anymore. Kart-rookie Mika Moszicke completed the winners’ podium in third place.

On Sunday, Wlömer tied in with his performance and gained pole position for the pre-final. During this race, five drivers fought for victory. At the finish line, victory went to Swiss Jasin Ferati in front of Wlömer and guest driver Nico Hantke, who simultaneously started at the German Kart Championship the same weekend.

During the final race, Wlömer took the lead again and had to fend off Barrett and Ferati until the end. After eight laps, the Berlin resident won and thereby achieved the third success of the season. “These have been two days full of exciting races. It was a lot of fun, everything was very close and really fair. I’m glad to have won and can thereby strengthen my lead in the championship”, said the winner in the evening.


DTM-guest driver Ferdinand Habsburg ends up on winners‘ podium

Pursuer Breadley Barrett achieved a spoiler penalty and thereby lost his second place. Behind Wlömer and Ferati, Ferdinand Habsburg therefore made it onto the podium in third place. The Austrian usually starts at the DTM and drove the VIP-kart of the DEKM in Kerpen. “I couldn’t get the smile off my face throughout the entire weekend. It’s a great feeling to be back in a kart. The Rotax THUNDeR E-kart causes a real racing feeling. I’ve worked on the setup a lot and am glad because I was able to constantly shorten the gap”, Habsburg summed up his guest start at the DEKM.

The championship is already going to continue in three weeks (August 2nd – 4th). Then, the DEKM is going to take place on the international top track in Belgian Genk. There, the half-time title will be dealt out. Currently, Luka Wlömer is leading the championship with 133 points in front of Joel Sturm (96 points) and Jasin Ferati (83 points).


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