CRG and Gomez European Vice-Champions

CRG and Gomez European Vice-Champions Read more

Losing an FIA title at the last race obviously makes you feel regret, but at the same time being European Vice-Champions and having many competitive drivers in the OK direct drive top class, above all offers many reasons for satisfaction for the CRG colours. Gabriel Gomez's season was exceptional in the FIA ​​European Championship and only in the last decisive race the Brazilian driver did fail to express himself on podium levels like he did in the first 3 Rounds, when he had often dominated the scene. As in the exceptional race in the Czech Republic, when he got on the top step of the podium, after obtaining the Pole Position and dominating all the Qualifying races. A Heat lost due to a technical problem and an unlucky start in the Final influenced the Cremona weekend, but above all a feeling with the setup and the circuit that has never been exceptional during this appointment. As mentioned, however, the balance of his season remains very positive and being Vice-Champion of Europe will have to be the impetus to go to the FIA ​​World Championship in October among the favorites for the title.