The Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy arrives in Italy!

Published on Sunday, June 30, 2024

The Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy arrives in Italy!

The Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy show arrives in Italy. The famous Franciacorta Karting Track will host the 3rd round of the RMCET, which already promises a great show.

A huge volume of entries
There are around 250 entries for the Franciacorta race, demonstrating the series' international reputation. It's a seasonal record in Senior MAX and Junior MAX, with 96 and 60 drivers respectively. There are 44 in Mini MAX, 41 DD2 and DD2 Masters and 8 in E20 and E20 Masters.

Mini MAX - RMCET kicks off
Albert Friend (Strawberry Racing) and Zdenek Babicek (TEPZ Racing) have been protagonists in the Winter Cup and in both the Belgian and German Cups. Competition doubles with the start of the Euro Trophy, which, after Franciacorta and Lonato, will award a ticket to the RMC Grand Finals. Mark Loomets (Energy Corse) joins the contest, which also includes Oliver Spencer (KR Sport), Nikita Ljubimov (Bouvin Power), and Tom Read (Strawberry Racing).

Junior MAX - The competition heats up
Jacob Ashcroft (Dan Holland Racing) in Genk, Casper Nissen (RS Competition) in Wackersdorf; who will prevail in Italy? The list of contenders is already very long. There are the "usual" Toms Strele (Dan Holland Racing), Cameron Nelson (Dan Holland Racing), Noah Janssen (Doerr Motorsport), but also Rayan Ghandour (KR Sport), winner of his first race at Franciacorta about 3 weeks ago.

The Italian platoon is led by Lorenzo Giaquinto (MKC Motorsport), along with Andrea Lavazza, Paolo De Grandi, and Iacopo Martinese (Kart Republic), making his debut.

Senior MAX - A lottery for the win
Championship leader Sean Butcher (KR Sport) will have a tough time at Franciacorta. Besides his direct rivals in the championship, Lewis Gilbert (Kraft Motorsport) and Macauley Bishop (Dan Holland Racing), Tom Bearman (KR Sport), also a winner at Franciacorta a few weeks ago, home driver Alberto Kiko Fracassi (Strawberry Racing), as well as Austin Lee, Vic Stevens (Bouvin Power), Matthew Higgins (Dan Holland Racing), and Joe Turney (Kart Republic) returning to Rotax competitions, must be taken into consideration.

DD2 and DD2 Masters - Szabo and De Ruwe in pursuit of points. Picot goes for the Poker
Bende Szabo (KSB Racing Team) and Xen De Ruwe (AKK Sportstil) will have the chance to catch up to Enzo Bol (SP Motorsport), who will not participate in this event. Patriks Locmelis (MRG Racing), William Kristensen (RS Competition), and Ragnar Veerus (Kivi Racing), who have moved from DD2 Masters, will also go all-in. Veteran Mauro Simoni joins the competition. In DD2 Masters, the duel between Nicolas Picot and Martynas Tankevicius is anticipated.

E20 Senior and E20 Masters - All is set for the round 2!
Spencer Brougham will try to extend his lead in the standings, while Will Elswood and Raul Vargas (SLK Racing Academy) are chasing the leadership. Stefano Bonara joins Hector Ramirez in E20 Masters.

Rotax MAX Challenge Euro Trophy Live Stream
On Sunday, July 7, the Pre-finals and Finals will be broadcast live on TV through Live Streaming.

Event Schedule:
Wednesday, July 3: Free practices starting at 9:00 AM.
Thursday, July 4: Free practices starting at 8:30 AM.
Friday, July 5: from 9:00 AM Free Practices; from 12:30 AM Qualifying Practices; from 2:40 PM Heats.
Saturday, July 6: from 8:45 AM Warm-up; from 11:00 AM Heats.
Sunday, July 7: 8:30 AM Warm-up; Live on TV and Live Streaming from 10:20 AM Pre-finals and 1:40 PM Finals.


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