Pirelli announces Racelience Award for Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine 2024

Published on Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pirelli announces Racelience Award for Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine 2024

Pirelli, in collaboration with ACI Sport and Alpine Racing, proudly announces the introduction of the “Racelience Award,” a new accolade set to recognize outstanding resilience and performance in the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine 2024.

The Racelience Award, a term derived from the fusion of “Race” and “Resilience,” aims to honor the driver who demonstrates remarkable improvement from their starting grid position to their final race standing in each event and across the championship. This award celebrates the essence of perseverance and competitive spirit, embodying the core values of motorsport.

Award Criteria and Scoring System
The Racelience Award is open to all drivers participating in the 2024 Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine, regardless of their points standing in the overall championship. 

Points are allocated based on the difference between a driver’s starting grid position and their final race classification. For example, a driver who starts in 10th position and finishes in 5th will earn 5 points. Negative scores are not considered, ensuring that only positive advancements are rewarded. Drivers who are disqualified will face a deduction of 10 points from their Racelience Award standings.

Rankings and Participation Requirements
To qualify for the final overall ranking of the Racelience Award, drivers must participate in at least eight race events. Event rankings are calculated per race, while the overall ranking sums up the points across all events in which the driver has participated. In the event of a tie, the rankings will be determined by the highest number of first-place finishes, followed by second-place finishes, pole positions, rookie status, and finally, the youngest age.

Awards and Recognition
The Racelience Award will feature both event-specific and overall championship recognitions:

–  Event Winners: A trophy will be awarded to the first-place winner of each event, presented at the subsequent race event.

–  Overall Champion: The first-place winner of the overall Racelience Award will receive the prestigious Pirelli Wheel at the end of the season.

The final award ceremony will coincide with the official awards of the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine, taking place at the season finale in Monza.

Racelience Award Regulations


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