Jesse Carrasquedo: A difficult but instructive French event

Published on Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Jesse Carrasquedo: A difficult but instructive French event

Competing in the OK category among the world's top karting hopefuls when you have just moved up from Junior remains a difficult exercise and Jesse Carrasquedo experienced this again during the second round of the FIA Karting European Championship. In France, on the Aunay les Bois circuit, the promising Mexican driver showed an excellent level of performance, but faced too many racing incidents. His Final result was unfortunately affected.

After having faced particularly changeable weather conditions in Belgium during the first round of the European Championship, Jesse Carrasquedo this time had to tame the circuit of Aunay les Bois with its rather particular hilly layout, compared to those on which the young driver is used to racing. Nevertheless, Jesse showed his ability to adapt. On Friday, he set the 4th and 5th fastest times in his group in Free Practice.

"The technical work done with the Parolin Motorsport team and our engine builder allowed us to make good progress in understanding the equipment," said Jesse. "In the late afternoon, the Qualifying session was not easy to manage. It was important to get the tyres up to temperature without overheating them and to get a good lap when the grip was optimum."

At the end of this difficult but important exercise, Jesse Carrasquedo was 6th in his group and 24th overall out of 62 drivers. He also had the satisfaction of setting the fastest time of the Parolin Motorsport team. "It was extremely close! Just a tenth faster could have put me in 8th position."


An unfortunate lack of success

Certainly, the Mexican seems to have the means to progress further in the hierarchy, full of drivers much more experienced than himself. Unfortunately, an important parameter was to complicate his mission. "In three of my four Qualifying Heats, I found myself on the outside line of the starting grid. On the Aunay les Bois circuit, this is really not ideal, as it is extremely difficult to get on the inside, knowing that the first two corners turn right."

"Jesse has been involved in too many jostles or contacts at the start," confirmed his team. "This caused him to lose valuable positions during these crucial moments in the race. It's a pity, because he then showed himself capable of running at a very strong pace once the pack calmed down."

"All in all, I passed a lot of drivers and was performing very well," continued Jesse. "In my last heat I lapped in the same tenth as the winner. It's frustrating to have finished only one place behind the group of 36 finalists! The incident in the first heat was detrimental to me. I'm already looking forward to racing again, I know I can do much better..."


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