Update: COVID-19 protocols at Motorsport UK events

Published on Friday, April 23, 2021

Update: COVID-19 protocols at Motorsport UK events

Following the reminder to the Motorsport UK community of COVID-19 protocols at Motorsport UK events, issued on Wednesday, we would like to reiterate the protocols for Clerks, Stewards and COVID-19 Officers to follow.

A number of concerns have been expressed regarding offenders, and we would like to remind our officials of the relevant section of our Restart Q&A, and the actions that should be taken with those who do not comply with the Motorsport UK COVID-19 guidance.

  • Each participant must be considerate of their actions and the impact on others.
  • Motorsport UK has been permitted to resume events by the respective governments and under the Restart COVID-19 guidance.
  • It is imperative that all participants adhere to both Motorsport UK and government guidance so that we can continue to run Events. It is now mandated that face masks are to be worn in designated areas at the Event (with the exception of devolved government relaxations referenced above).

In the event that an individual fails to comply with COVID-19 mitigation requirements:

  • In the first instance, the nominated officials (Judges of Fact) in conjunction with the COVID-19 Officer will give a gentle reminder.
  • Continued transgressions will result in the COVID-19 Officer bringing the report to the Clerk of the Course and Motorsport UK, and will result in a penalty being applied:
    • A Formal Warning will be given for the second reported transgression
    • Followed by removal from the event for further transgression
    • The matter will also be reported to Motorsport UK

Please remember that our officials do not wish to remind anyone of the need to comply. Any abuse towards Event Officials will not be tolerated.


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