Tuto Super One Series, PF International

Published on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Tuto Super One Series, PF International

The final round of the Tuto Super One Series was packed with brilliant racing in the fine autumn weather at PF International. All classes were racing at this event apart from Rotax 177.

The two-day format for the TKM and Rotax classes really seems to have worked, as numbers have been strong all year.

Some drivers really couldn't get enough, with Joe Turney racing in both Senior Rotax and X30 throughout the year and becoming Champion in X30 and taking 2nd in Rotax. Reggie Duhy uniquely drove in each of the three Junior classes this weekend, racing at the front in all of them and winning Final 1 in X30 Junior and Final 2 in Junior TKM.

Several of the Rotax drivers have won their tickets to the Rotax Max Grand Finals in Brazil in early December, with the final team still to be confirmed. Other drivers are heading off to the IAME International Final at Le Mans on 14th October, including champions Joe Turney and Clayton Ravenscroft but also many other Super One stars including Cadets moving up to X30 Mini.


MSA British Cadet Kart Championship

Maxwell Dodds took pole on Friday afternoon just 2 thousandths ahead of William MacIntyre with Freddie Slater 0.05s behind in 3rd. Dodds and Slater both experienced problems in Heat 1. Dodds retired at the start while Slater was disqualified for driving issues but keeps his 2nd position pending an appeal decision. MacIntyre therefore took the upper hand in the Intermediate Classification with two wins, ahead of Slater and Vinnie Phillips while Dodds finished 2nd in the other heat putting him 13th on the Final 1 grid.

Dodds gained 12 places to win Final 1 by a fraction from Slater, but Slater was later given driving penalties of two laps, dropping him to the back of the field. Phillips made the best start to lead the first lap at the front of the lead pack but was quickly passed by Slater while the battle raged between Dodds, Arvid Lindblad, Maximus Hall and Brandon Carr. Dodds took the lead three laps from the end and Slater’s penalty promoted Carr to 2nd while Harley Keeble slipped through to a podium position in the closing laps.

Determined to win the final round, Slater made up an amazing 26 places to win Final 2 in a race which had five different leaders over the 12 laps. Dodds led the first five laps before Keeble, MacIntyre and Phillips led the large lead pack while Slater was making his way through after gaining 13 places at the start. He hit the front with two laps to go to win ahead of MacIntyre and Phillips.

Lindblad drove a relatively quiet meeting to ensure this year's British Championship win by just five points ahead of MacIntyre with Dodds finishing 3rd.

Final 1

1. Maxwell Dodds (Synergy) 13:49.73

2. Brandon Carr (Synergy) +0.25

3. Harley Keeble (Synergy) +0.88

4. Arvid Lindblad (Synergy) +3.51

5. Maximus Hall (Synergy) +4.03

6. Oliver Wright (Synergy) +4.12

Final 2

1. Freddie Slater (Synergy) 13:43.18

2. William MacIntyre (Synergy) +0.16

3. Vinnie Phillips (Synergy) +0.42

4. Maxwell Dodds (Synergy) +0.48

5. Harry Burgoyne (Synergy) +1.12

6. Arvid Lindblad (Synergy) +1.6


ABkC Honda Cadet National Championship

Theo Micouris headed a very close Qualifying, 0.06s ahead of Alfie Rigby with Daniel Guinchard and Oliver Greenall also just a tiny margin away. Micouris retained his position after the heats with a 1st and a 2nd, with the other wins going to Greenall and Jack Clements but Rigby was 2nd on the Final 1 grid with two 2nd places.

Guinchard won Final 1 which was cut short after eight laps due to a red flag incident including Antonis Sofroniou and Jamie Perilly. There was an battle between early leader Rigby, Guinchard and Micouris before Guinchard settled at the front of the pack where he was when the yellow flags and then the red flag came out. The result was declared at that point.

Later on Final 2 was another Guinchard win where he led the early stages before he was overtaken by Kean Nakamura-Berta who had worked his way to the front of the lead pack. The race was again neutralised for a couple of laps after a midfield crash, and Guinchard attacked for the lead again with two laps to go and Nakamura-Berta dropped to 4th. Rigby took the flag a close 2nd but 3rd was Daniel Holdsworth 3 seconds behind after the last-lap fighting.

Rigby becomes the 2018 Champion by eight points from Guinchard with Greenall 3rd and Micouris 4th.

Final 1

1. Daniel Guinchard (Synergy) 9:14.43

2. Oliver Greenall (Synergy) +0.07

3. Kean Nakamura-Berta (Project One) +0.24

4. Theo Micouris (Synergy) +1.84

5. Alfie Rigby (Synergy) +4.24

6. Archie Walker (Synergy) +4.33

Final 2

1. Daniel Guinchard (Synergy) 13:27.32

2. Alfie Rigby (Synergy) +0.04

3. Daniel Holdsworth (Synergy) +2.94

4. Kean Nakamura-Berta (Project One) +3.37

5. Jack Clements (Synergy) +3.48

6. Leon Henderson (Tonykart) +3.57


Mini X Guest Event

Joshua McLean qualified fastest just 2 hundredths ahead of Oliver Duffell and Aaron Walker a further hundredth back. McLean won both heats while Jessica Edgar moved up to 2nd on the Final 1 grid with 4th and 2nd and was Walker 3rd.

Eventual winner McLean fought with Walker for the lead in the early stages of Final 1 before Ivan Lomliev took the lead for the biggest proportion of the race. McLean took back control on the penultimate lap and Cian Shields and Walker took the remaining podium positions on the last lap.

There was a three-way fight between McLean, Shields and Freddie Spindlow early in Final 2 but Lomliev took the lead on lap 5 which became more secure after McLean retired. Spindlow passed Shields two laps from the end to finish 2nd by 2 seconds.

Final 1

1. Joshua Mclean (Exprit) 13:06.91

2. Cian Shields (Exprit) +0.58

3. Aaron Walker (Exprit) +0.63

4. Freddie Spindlow (Redspeed) +0.89

5. Ivan Lomliev (Tonykart) +1.27

6. Jessica Edgar (Exprit) +2.99

Final 2

1. Ivan Lomliev (Tonykart) 13:00.37

2. Freddie Spindlow (Redspeed) +2

3. Cian Shields (Exprit) +2.44

4. Daniel Bolton (Tonykart) +3.89

5. Aaron Walker (Exprit) +4.01

6. Oliver Duffell (Tonykart) +1 Lap


MSA X30 Junior National Championship

Luke Whitehead took pole in X30 Junior followed by Reggie Duhy, and Clayton Ravenscroft posted the same time as Duhy to get on the second row next to Georgi Dimitrov. Duhy went ahead after the heats with a 1st and 2nd ahead of Ravenscroft while Alex Lloyd moved up to 3rd and Whitehead dropped to 5th behind Lewis Gilbert.

Poleman Duhy won the first Final but he didn’t have it all his own way with Lloyd taking the early lead and Ravenscroft and Gilbert also having a turn at the controls. Duhy retook the lead with for laps to go, with Lewis Thompson gaining a couple of spaces to 2nd on the same lap and Dimitrov moving into 3rd a lap later.

In Final 2 Duhy was quickly deposed by eventual winner Dimitrov, but Dimitrov still had to contend with Duhy and Thompson before he made his lead stick halfway through. Caden McQueen came through to 2nd while Duhy and Thompson both dropped back with Duhy later disqualified. Dimitrov finished 1.32s ahead of McQueen and Gilbert.

Ravenscroft is the new Champion by 30 points from Gilbert with Dragan Pinsent 3rd.

Final 1

1. Reggie Duhy (Exprit) 13:49.28

2. Lewis Thompson (Birel ART) +4.31

3. Georgi Dimitrov (Exprit) +4.75

4. Lewis Gilbert (Kosmic) +4.77

5. Alex Lloyd (Alonso) +4.89

6. Oliver Gray (Tonykart) +4.99

Final 2

1. Georgi Dimitrov (Exprit) 13:42.89

2. Caden McQueen (Mad-Croc) +1.32

3. Lewis Gilbert (Kosmic) +1.82

4. Oliver Gray (Tonykart) +2.25

5. Clayton Ravenscroft (Kosmic) +2.67

6. Teddy Pritchard-Williams (Kosmic) +2.89


MSA X30 Senior National Championship

Thomas Turner finished at the top of a tight Qualifying session ahead of Oliver Hodgson and Levi King with Joe Turney down in 6th. Lewis Malin headed the hierarchy after heats though with 1st and 2nd to start Final 1 ahead of Turner and Derek Morgan while Elliot Harvey, back from injury, made up eight places to 4th.

In Final 1 Malin and Turney battled throughout the race before Hodgson in 3rd took his opportunity to take the lead on the last lap, leaving Malin 2nd and Turney 3rd. Hodgson had started 8th on the grid and once 3rd reeled in the leaders as they fought.

Morgan Porter won Final 2 following a lively race with eight lead changes, the battle for control also including Hodgson, Harvey, Turney and King. Porter took the lead on the last lap to win ahead of Hodgson, who was later disqualified for technical non-compliance which promoted Morgan to 2nd and Jenson Brown to 3rd.

Turney has built up a massive 40 point lead over Porter to become the 2018 Champion, in addition to his vice-Championship in the ABkC Senior Rotax class.

Final 1

1. Oliver Hodgson (Birel ART) 13:37.53

2. Lewis Malin (Compkart) +0.18

3. Joe Turney (Kosmic) +0.38

4. Thomas Turner (Compkart) +1.18

5. Elliot Harvey (Alonso) +4.24

6. Levi King (Tonykart) +4.89

Final 2

1. Morgan Porter (Tonykart) 13:40.12

2. Derek Morgan (Gillard) +1.59

3. Jenson Brown (Alonso) +1.64

4. Sean Butcher (Tonykart) +1.89

5. Joe Turney (Kosmic) +2.83

6. Henry Laws (Kosmic) +2.99


ABkC Minimax National Championship

Sam Gornall took pole by 0.06s from Archie Kitching and just over a tenth ahead of Marcus Littlewood with Myles Barthorpe 4th, but Barthorpe came through to win both the heats ahead of Gornall and Kitching. Max Edmundson had qualified down in 13th but moved up to 5th after the heats behind Gornall and Brodie Trayhorn.

In Final 1 Kitching made a good start to lead early on but Barthorpe quickly retook the position and led for the rest of the race with Kitching always close behind. Edmundson continued his recovery to finish 3rd after overcoming Gornall.

Barthorpe and Edmundson had to be separated by a photo finish on the finish line of Final 2 with Barthorpe judged to be the winner. There was Cadet-style pack racing for the top four all race with Barthorpe leading most of it from Kitching, Edmundson and Littlewood with the rest of the field left far behind. Kitching challenged for the lead on the penultimate lap but when it mattered Edmundson was the one alongside Barthorpe with Kitching taking 3rd.

Final 1

1. Myles Barthorpe (Tonykart) 13:30.34

2. Archie Kitching (Tonykart) +0.21

3. Max Edmundson (Kosmic) +1.83

4. Marcus Littlewood (Tonykart) +2.4

5. Sam Gornall (Exprit) +2.52

6. Brodie Trayhorn (Luxor) +6.24

Final 2

1. Myles Barthorpe (Tonykart) 13:33.43

2. Max Edmundson (Kosmic) +0.01

3. Archie Kitching (Tonykart) +0.02

4. Marcus Littlewood (Tonykart) +0.44

5. Alexander Hughes (Kosmic) +18.77

6. Callum Voisin (Alonso) +19.05


ABkC Junior Rotax National Championship

Kai Hunter took the Junior Rotax pole ahead of Samuel Harrison and Finley Bunce but in the heats James Lowther took 1st and 2nd after qualifying 5th to give him pole ahead of Harrison and Oakley Pryer. The other heat win went to Bunce but he had dropped back in Heat 2 so was 7th on the Final 1 grid.

Bunce won Final 1 after he and Guy Cunnington reeled early leader Lowther back in. The battle continued in the second half of the race with Lowther taking back the lead for a spell and Cunnington also taking control. Bunce regained the lead two laps from the end with Cunnington crossing the line 2nd but he received a 10 second penalty for breaking formation too early at the start, which gave Ben Burgess 2nd after a rise from 6th on the grid. Lowther dropped to 4th behind Klaas Kooiker.

Cunnington made up for it in Final 2 by winning nearly 2 seconds ahead of Bunce and Lowther. Bunce and Cunnington battled throughout the race, with Reggie Duhy and Kai Hunter also having a hand in how the race progressed at the front. Duhy finished 3rd after having a turn in the lead but received a bumper penalty, dropping him to 20th.

Lowther takes the Championship by 11 points to Cunnington whom he overhauled in the latter part of the season.

Final 1

1. Finlay Bunce (Kosmic) 13:01.52

2. Ben Burgess (Tonykart) +1.3

3. Klaas Kooiker (Tonykart) +2.12

4. James Lowther (Tonykart) +2.35

5. Oakley Pryer (Tonykart) +2.63

6. Kai Hunter (Kosmic) +2.74

Final 2

1. Guy Cunnington (Tonykart) 13:10.96

2. Finlay Bunce (Kosmic) +1.94

3. James Lowther (Tonykart) +2.18

4. Klaas Kooiker (Tonykart) +2.26

5. Kai Hunter (Kosmic) +2.56

6. Oakley Pryer (Tonykart) +2.73


ABkC Senior Rotax National Championship

Joe Turney took pole in the biggest class of the day with 58 drivers, 0.09s ahead of Tom Edwards. Myles Apps took control after the heats with two wins while the others were won by Turney and Tommy Foster who were 2nd and 3rd on the Final 1 grid.

Turney won a particularly exciting Senior Max Final after Apps and Foster swapped the lead throughout the race. Turney started 2nd and dropped back at the start but typically kept pushing to reel the Apps/Foster duel back in, then both Turney, Apps and James Johnson  overtook Foster. Turney took the lead on the last lap to win by 3 tenths from Apps.

The battle between Foster, Apps and Turney continued in Final 2 but again Turney came out on top after taking the lead late in the race. Rhys Hunter also joined the leaders nd was 2nd for several laps but retired, and Kearn Tsang held 3rd in the second half before dropping back on the last lap. Apps was the biggest last lap loser though, dropping to 17th while Turney took the chequered flag 1.44 seconds ahead of Foster with Charlie Turner 3rd.

Charlie Turner narrowly won the title from Turney after doing enough throughout the season not to need to push for the win at PF International.

Final 1

1. Joe Turney (Kosmic) 13:53.60

2. Myles Apps (Alonso) +0.31

3. James Johnson (Alonso) +0.87

4. Tommy Foster (Tonykart) +0.9

5. Kearn Tsang (Tonykart) +1.19

6. Gus Lawrence (Alonso) +2.45

Final 2

1. Joe Turney (Kosmic) 13:53.50

2. Tommy Foster (Tonykart) +1.44

3. Charlie Turner (Alonso) +1.68

4. James Johnson (Alonso) +1.9

5. Gus Lawrence (Alonso) +2.39

6. Kearn Tsang (Tonykart) +2.98


MSA Junior TKM National Championship

Reggie Duhy returned to the class for the final round of the year and qualified on pole 0.15s ahead of Scott Smith (in only his second S1 TKM race) with Zak Oates a further 0.03s back. However, the hierarchy was disrupted in the heats with several bumper and driving penalties, including one for Duhy and championship front runner Daniel Butterworth. Archie Strong lined up on pole for Final 1 next to Abbi Pulling with Spencer Stevenson and Smith on the second row.

In Final 1 Stevenson took the lead for the last two laps to cross the line a hair’s breadth ahead of Pulling. Strong led from pole with Stevenson on his tail before Oates swooped in to pass them both. Next to come out on top of the lead battle was Pulling, but she couldn’t get away and fell victim to Stevenson. Dan McKeown gained a magnificent 18 places during the race to finish 3rd.

Duhy made one of the weekend’s exceptional comebacks in Final 2 when he came through from 25th to 1st after a brake problem in Final 1. Stevenson was the early leader but Oates, Pulling and Ben Watson passed him. Oates retired from the lead on the penultimate lap and by then Duhy was waiting for his chance to win, which he took followed by Louis Harvey, with Pulling crossing the line 3rd.

Pulling has won a historic second Super One Championship in a row, the first double for a female driver. Butterworth is 2nd in the points after dropping the scores from this meeting and Stevenson 3rd.

Final 1

1. Spencer Stevenson (Tal-ko) 13:27.50

2. Abbi Pulling (Tal-ko) +0.08

3. Dan McKeown (Birel ART) +3.74

4. Zak Oates (Tal-ko) +4.26

5. Connor Kearney (Tonykart) +4.35

6. Archie Strong (ARC) +4.58

Final 2

1. Reggie Duhy (ARC) 13:30.37

2. Louis Harvey (ARC) +0.31

3. Abbi Pulling (Tal-ko) +0.5

4. Dan McKeown (Birel ART) +0.68

5. Ben Watson (Tal-ko) +0.86

6. Spencer Stevenson (Tal-ko) +1.01


MSA TKM Extreme National Championship

Ryan Cole was the fastest of the 41 drivers in Qualifying ahead of Kyle Sproat and Chris Whitton, with Joe Fowler 6th and Adam Sparrow 10th. However, Sparrow moved to the top of the Intermediate classification with two wins, the other win going to Sproat who had problems in Heat 1 and was down in 14th. Cole took two 2nd places in the heats but a driving penalty dropped him down to 17th on the Final 1 grid.

Final 1 was an epic battle between Owain Rosser, Sparrow and Fowler with Sparrow taking the win by 0.16s ahead of Rosser. Rosser took the lead at the start from 3rd on the grid but the three raced as a pack throughout with multiple lead changes and Whitton and Louis Beaven joining in too towards the end.

Final 2 saw Sparrow win by a quarter second ahead of Rosser after a typically animated battle between Rosser, Sproat and Bingham. Towards the end Rosser seemed settled in the lead but Sparrow swooped in on the last lap to win ahead of Rosser and Bingham.

Fowler is the new Champion, just four points ahead of Whitton with Sparrow 3rd.

Final 1

1. Adam Sparrow (Tal-ko) 13:25.55

2. Owain Rosser (Birel ART) +0.16

3. Joe Fowler (Birel ART) +0.27

4. Louis Beaven (Tonykart) +0.53

5. Chris Whitton (Tal-ko) +0.7

6. Charlie Bingham (Tonykart) +0.93

Final 2

1. Adam Sparrow (Tal-ko) 13:22.42

2. Owain Rosser (Birel ART) +0.27

3. Charlie Bingham (TBA) +0.86

4. Louis Beaven (Tonykart) +1.58

5. Mitchell Ball (Birel ART) +1.81

6. Ryan Cole (Tal-ko) +3.29

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