Rotax South Africa: A new dawn for Karting

Published on Monday, January 11, 2021

Rotax South Africa: A new dawn for Karting

It is with great excitement that we announce a new dawn for karting - Karting SA  (sanctioned by World of Motorsport South Africa - WOMZA). For far too long, the Rotax Max Challenge Series has been subjected to unpopular regulations and changes by MSA and its appointees which often are not even involved in karting at all. We are therefore creating a dedicated karting regulating body that listens to karters, clubs, promoters, circuits, etc. when making decisions.

Why are we setting up Karting SA?

  • We have made every effort to persuade MSA to allow us to continue to promote Rotax karting as we have for many years and to listen to what the karters are saying - but to no avail.
  • We have looked in-depth at how other countries manage karting and there is no one silver bullet – but it is clear that all well-run series around the world are managed by people that care about karting and not a “one size fits all facets of motor racing approach”.
  • BRP Rotax is fully supportive of these changes. Their advice is to look after the karters!
  • For you, the competitor little changes initially – the same series rules (excluding the unpopular changes pushed through by MSA in late 2020) and many of the same organisers & officials will be involved. However, we are creating a friendlier, more affordable and more fun environment with all of the politics, rumours, litigation and instability left in the past.


 What should you know about Karting SA?

  • Karting SA, guided by Club Chairmen and experienced, passionate karters, is a dedicated body that runs and promotes karting regionally and nationally with Rotax as the centre point but not exclusively Rotax.
  • Karting SA is affiliated with WOMZA who will cater for our licensing, permitting, public liability and accident insurance needs in very much the same way that MSA has done in the past. The good news is that if your medical aid provides cover for motorsport - you will not have to buy accident insurance.
  • WOMZA has done this successfully for 15 years for various facets of motorsport and given this experience are a logical choice. We believe that substantial cost savings are possible and will share the details shortly.
  • Karting SA is developing a single, simple, clear and comprehensive set of regulations (currently a competitor faces event SR’s, Rotax Sporting Regs, MSA Karting Regs, Regional Championship regs, General Competition Rules, CIK regulations, etc. With many of these rules designed around motorcycle, circuit racing, rallying, etc. causing grey areas. We would like to see simple & clear karting specific regulations only.
  • We are creating a dispute resolution system that sees events finalised on the day. Racing should be decided on the track, not in a courtroom months later.


What should you do right now?

  • Be patient for a few days to get details from your club – you will have to join a WOMZA affiliated kart club and then get your WOMZA karting license online.
  • Calendar and series details will follow shortly. There will be Club, Regional and National Championships.


BRP Rotax has seen several countries move away from the ASN (MSA) because of similar issues and achieve fantastic outcomes - they believe that the key priority is always looking after the karters. The USA is an example of where there is no one ASN but several federations and speciality bodies like NASCAR, Indy Car, SKUSA and countless more.

Competitors and officials are free to join both WOMZA and MSA if they prefer without fear of any negative consequences as protected by the South African constitution. We will have National Champions and qualify drivers to participate in the Rotax World Finals

We look forward to welcoming you to our series and bringing the fun and healthy competitive spirit back to karting.


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